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. news today. a huge deal with netflix. a lot to discuss there. join us for bob iger coming up. >>> let's show you what's happening, though, on wall street. it's been a down day despite the twitter hoof la. down 104 points. was down 138 at the low of the session about 30 minutes ago. right now at 15,642. that's a .66% decline. look at the nasdaq down a percent and a half. it was down 66 points at the low. down 58 right now at 3873. high profile technology stocks taking it on the chin. 1755 has been considered a support level for the s&p. we're below that today. they're watching that very carefully. and bob pisani, of course, you're watching that as well. but i have to give you kudos. a great job this morning on the open on twitter. we were all glued watching you as you were waiting for that first trade to take place. >> thank you, bill. it's not just get for the nyse but good for overall market sentiment to have a smooth opening of such a big name. i'm a little more concerned with what's going on with the overall markets. put up the full screen. twitter is having a great day at $48. it'
card. >> she doesn't use them. >> i put them in a drawer. it is never to be seen again. let's check where we stand as we approach this final stretch on wall street. dow jones industrial average in rally mode, thank you very much. triple digit move. up 102 points. 16,003 last friday. nasdaq composite also doing well. almost 50 points higher. the s&p 500, also very strong today. very broad based move. we are at the highs right now. >> i know which drawer to go to in your desk. >> i got a whole bunch of gift cards. joining us now on our "closing bell exchange" to talk more about investing, heather hughes from sunamerica. john doyle. keith fitzgerald. good to see everybody. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> john, let me kick it off with you. would you buy into this rally right here? very strong day. broad based rally. you want to put new money to work? you think this goes higher going into year end? >> i think the fed has been giving us a little mixed signal. i think moving forward we're going to be looking at a very accommodative environment for a number of months. we
the blackberry devices. but who's buying them at this point besides us? if you have one, is it time to give it up? never. >> i don't want to give mine up. >> from my cold dead hands you'll take it. >> i did switch to the iphone, you the by still rely on my blackberry. isn't that amazing? >> absolutely. >> i have both but i wish i could keep it, really. at least they've got us. rooting for them. to stay strong. a new cnbc poll shows investors are not sold on twitter as a stock that is -- especially the young people who use twitter the most. we thought that was interesting. so, why did the company just dramatically increase its ipo pricing range today? take a closer look. ahead of the big deal coming to market this wooeleek. should you buy it when it comes to market thursday? >> google outraged it may have been spied upon by the nsa. but someone -- one of our guests is asking isn't that what google does to its users? is that a fair comparison so make? after all, google does have a user agreement. people accept it. nsa doesn't have a user agreement i know of but we have both
, kate, nathan and joining us to talk markets, "fast money" contributor, guy. thank you. i know we're heading into the holiday here. so much to discuss. guy, what did we learn today heading into the close? >> i think you learned traffic in new york city over the last two days has been the worst i've ever seen. light volume day. but what you've learned is the markets still wants to go higher. forget the reendz why it doesn't really matter. bill mentioned before everybody is bullish. it feels wrong. it's felt that way for the last 150, 200 s&p points. have you to let price be your guide. at some point this is going to turn. at some point we'll get a piece of news we didn't anticipate. until that point comes, you sort of have to stay with what's working. >> we've had potential point to the breakdown in social media stocks on monday, i guess. a one-time phenomenon? >> i think it may be wrong but it feels so right. here we are, santa. i will say and keep saying until it seems to be incorrect to say it, things are doing well because they seem to be doing well. not because of market manip
, it does a little different. nielsen tells us mcdonald's spends four times more on advertising than burger king does and burger king tells us its commercials are promoting the big king. instead it's counting on pr stunts like this week's report on tmz that the company bid on elvis presley's house in beverly hills. get it, the king and burger king, however the bid was reportedly rejected even though the company said it was serious. it was only 3.69 million and by the way coincidentally the big king sells for 3.69. about 30 cents cheaper than the big mac. >> keep on eat, thanks for watching "street signs." >> "closing bell" starts right now. >>> are you hungry? >> i'm starved and i don't know why. >> hi, everybody. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. rally mode once again for stock prices. >> yes, better late than never. i'm bill griffeth. the dow needs to be up. we're well above the high today. that's mine. >> oh, i just blasted your ear. >> can i have this back? we're doing this -- >> it was the big mac that got me. >> up 116 points on the dow
fleet of planes. also do you pontdupont's ceo el. join us for these two interviews coming up. >>> yet, more to do about bitcoins amid a second day of hearings on the virtual currency on capitol hill, wild fluctuations continue. look at the action in the last few days. it hit $900, after you and i did that segment yesterday. this is not normal behavior for anything like an investment. if they want to call it that. is it safe for anybody to put their money in bitcoins? we take a very hard look at that coming up in a little bit here. >>> also, let's take a look at the market. a lot of action even though the market isn't far where it began the day. dow jones industrial average with a fractional move, four points at 15,980. down 15 points on the nasdaq, 3933. s&p 500 looks like this with a decline there as well. down two and change at 1788. joining us on "closing bell exchange," meg green, leo kelly, tim holland and our own rick santelli. good to see everybody and thanks for joining us. meg, let me kick it off with you. not a lot of activity in terms of price movement today. would you put
intelligence on that than the man who runs schwab, ceo walt b bett bettinger is with us. >> in fact, schwab's stock is at a multi-year high as a result. here we go again, my co-anchor, the budget battle could be hitting an impasse already. taxing the so-called rich more is apparently back on the table for some top democrats. there is already concern this is a nonstarter for the gop. so, the question is, are we setting ourselves up again to go toward the brink, as we did a couple months ago? we'll lay out what's being targeted and how much it might cost you if you are considered wealthy by washington, d.c. deja vu all over again. >> for sure. let's check the markets as we approach this final stretch for the day. the dow jones industrial average showing a gain in the session by 20 points. as you know, any close positive above where we close on friday would be another all-time high for the investor. nasdaq, where we're still floating around 13-year highs or so on the nasdaq with a gain in the session of 2 1/2 points at 39.21. s&p 500 also in unchartered territory. we only need a little more th
. >> that brings us to the end of "squawk on the street" for this black friday. let's send it over to a special early extravaganza of a "closing bell." >>> thank you, simon. and welcome indeed to a very special noontime edition on the east coast of "closing bell," i'm kelly evans. on this black friday, we are coming to you live from the mall at short hills in new jersey. i've dragged him here. >> i cannot believe i'm saying, i'm bill griffeth, here at the short hills mall in new jersey on a black friday. i'm shopping on a black friday. this is my worst nightmare here. >> i don't know. i saw you over there googling deals, looking for some specials. >> well, yes. i'll go online. i'll shop all day there. but coming out here? i will say, we're finding some stores are doing a lot better than others. >> yes. >> it's very hit-and-miss. we'll be talking about that over the next couple of hours here. >> because that's the real advantage of being here, bill, the shopping mall. we should mention, as you're out across the country, you are being watched. there are analysts here. there are retailers who are
. brought us off those lows. you may have heard, there is some fed economists who have worked on a paper that says they should lower their expectations, their threshold, for unemployment. right now it's 6.5%, before they start tapering. they could lower it to 6%, maybe even 5.5% before they start seriously thinking about tapering. and any guess as to when we get 6% unemployment, that could be a ways duown the road here. >> the 6.5% level was the key reason you and i were not expecting the taper because we weren't even near that. to think we're going lower, 5.5% as a marker, is extraordinary. we'll be joined by bank of america brian moynihan, we'll have a discussion with this on interest rates, and a lot to get into with him. we'll get his take on where business is headed as we head into year end, bill. >> especially if the fed keeps rates a lot lower a lot longer. that has a big impact on bank bottom line. after the bell, highly anticipated earnings from tesla. of course, many expect a blowout quarter now that the model s is widely available. we hear it's selling well. we'll have those n
interviews coming up. u.s. commerce secretary penny pritzker on the program. so much to speak to her about. from the health care law to her priorities now for businesses. how to get them to spend their money on hiring instead of things like buybacks. that's exactly what we spoke as well about last night. also ahead, legendary actist investor cliff robbins of the blue harbour group. don't miss that. >>> speaking of health care, you saw live here on cnbc the president today making some administrative changes to the health care law. now you really can keep your plan if you like it. but only for one year. and only if insurance companies can reverse everything before the end of the year. in fact, those insurance companies are telling us here at cnbc they feel like the white house has left them holding the bag on this one. and they are not happy. we have a lot more on that story coming up in a little bit here. >> for sure. we'll look at the impact. first, let's check the markets as we are once again in record territory. dow jones industrial average hitting an all time high yesterday. now above t
ceo trevor fetter is with us on how the bumpy rollout has impacted his company. >> also muni bonds, everybody loves them, they're safe and boring, right? well, not so fast. millions of investors are in these because many times the income is tax-free and it's believed these bonds that are linked to cities and municipalities are a lot less volatile than stocks. but are there new danger signs of anyone who owns them or thinking about owning them, need to know about? we'll take a closer look at munis coming up. >>> the dow jones industrial average near the lows of the day with a decline of 58 points. pretty steady until the minutes came out. as can you see what happened, as soon as those minutes came out at 2 p.m. eastern time today. nasdaq composite under selling pressure today. take a look at down about seven points on the nasdaq. fractional move there. again, very similar chart pattern, falling out of bed once those minutes were released. s&p 500 looks like this. decline there as well. same chart there, down 5.33. >> let's talk about today's market action. quency crosby is part of o
for the markets. join us for "closing bell" next. thanks for watching "street signs." >>> welcome to the closing bell. i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange. >> i'm scott wapner in for bill griffeth. any gains for the dow or s&p today would be a new record. then the nasdaq trading above 4,000 for the first time since september of 2000 today. but will it be a close above 4,000? it is right now. can we hold on for another hour? >> is the market getting ahead of itself at these levels? we'll ask john calamos. he has an interesting take on stocks you definitely want to stay tuned for. >>> holidays are a huge time of year for our consumer-based economy. president of american express ed gilligan will join us. is he worried about the timing of that terrible storm making its way across the nation? we'll ask him that and plenty more. >> a lot of people are worried about that. how about walmart trading higher today, even though some are worried about the timing of the announcement of a new ceo. much faster than many people had expected. if that's a sign of trouble ahead for the giant retailer and
, this momentum we've seen in the markets so far this year, it's probably unsustainable. at least in the u.s., that is, heading into next year. >> because? >> well, i think, look, you have valuations which are still not expensive but clearly not as attractive as they once were. i think if you look around the world, european markets, for example, i think you'll probably see a little more upside. >> let's talk about the upside. when you look absolutely at valuations right here, thomas, you weigh in here, do you think valuations look fully valued at this point? do you think this market is expensive or would you put new money to work here going into year end? >> sure. i think you need to be selective. we are taking cash and reallocating to specific positions, specifically in technology and energy sector. we're doing it with specific positions. you mentioned the momentum stocks are contributing to the losses today. we're looking at value, companies like cisco where you get a great pe, good income and we think have great long-term value. in the energy sector we have a cost basis in bp below $42 a
there. s&p 500 looks like this. also similar chart pattern with this final hour in front of us. down 3 1/2 points on the standard & poor's sitting right at 768. >> let's get to the markets. joining us in our close bell exchange, ron with me at the big board, anthony chan, kimberly foss, author of "wealth by design" and rick santelli with us as well. ron, more evidence today how important fed policy is to market. all dennis lockhart had to say was, hey, tapering could begin next month and we saw this drop in the market today. >> i still don't understand this. interest rates go up, people in the markets think it's bad but only because they can go up. if they're going to taper, they're data-dependent. that means they see better things. i'm just fine with them getting on with tapering, stop talking about it. do it the right way, which isn't going to be easy, but it means things are better. they wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't, so i'm fine with this tapering. >> but i guess at the end of the day it's about expectations, right, kimberly? if the market is not expecting a taper until n
granoff is here with us. >> they left money on the table. >> i tell you. and brendan hoffman will be with us, operating 260 department stores. looking forward to both of these interviews. >> when is it time to cry uncle? bill ackman is down $500 million on his herbalife short position. he's not down yet. we'll ask a top investor when you need to say enough is enough and admit you were wrong. >>> in the markets, let's take a look at wherer with we stand. the dow jones industrial average up 0.25%. we have been trending higher. sitting around the highs of the day. nasdaq composite showing gains. technology doing well with the nasdaq up 20 points. at 3990. the s&p 500 looks like this. gain on the session of 7.5 on the standard & poor's. joining us on "closing bell exchange," ann, michael yoshikami, rich peterson, and mike tepper from strategic wealth partners. hi, everybody. good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> thanks marks . >> market at all time highs even though the whole idea of new tapering has entered the conversation. would you put new money to work h
around the water cooler. here we go with "closing bell exchange." michael yoshikami joins us, as does andres gar see it yeah, russ from blackrock and our own rick santelli. welcome to all of you. michael, 204,000 jobs created last month. why is the stock market ral lig if it increases the chances the fed will slow the morphine drip? >> well, because maybe earnings will start to pick up. maybe the economy is actually healing itself. i mean, at this point we really have a mixed bag. i mean, as you correctly point out when the jobs market comes in strong, obviously fixed income rates go up and that's bad for the bond market. i'm of the relief a recovery in economy, while it might be bad for bonds, is great for stocks. i think as long as the rise in fixed income yields is not so vertical, it's more of a gradual trend, i think it's supportive for the stock market when good news comes in. >> andres, let's talk about putting money to work. you've got a global story here in terms of low interest rates. the ecb lowering interest rates earlier this week. what's your take on europe versus euro r
. people talking about watching 1803 level in terms of support. joining us on "the closing bell exchange," rob lutz, kimberly ross and author of the book "wealthy by design" and our own rick santelli. welcome to all of you. >> welcome, everybody. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> kim, thoughts on the market today. is this drifting higher in the absence of volume? do you see any conviction out there? what's your read on things? >> we've got seven straight weeks of up -- >> go ahead, kimberly. >> i'm sorry. seven straight weeks up on the market and we're shooting for an eighth straight week. and i just think that coupled with low interest rates, the housing numbers are very, very good out there. better than expected. along with -- you know, we have two -- we have something like -- is it $2.663 trillion in money markets still on the sidelines from you guys, this is just rocket fuel for the market. the markets are still going to continue upward. we don't see -- we're have positive for the end of the year. >> you know, all of you are bullish. i see that in our notes here, which sort
, very few facts. we're working with the u.s. attorney's office as well as our partners. i'm not going to talk about the victims today. we still have people we have to be in contact with in the meantime. whoa are going to bring our resources to bear, which includes our evidence response team as well as any other necessary resources. at this point we do not see any additional threats here at the airport. finally, our last speaker is councilman mike bonnan's office. we want to thank him and his office. one last night i want to say, because we'll take questions just after, i want to thank those officers from the los angeles departments, the police department here, whose heroic acts saved lives here today. >> good morning. i just want to reiterate something the mayor said and thank the first responders here today. lapd, los angeles world airport police, fire department, tsa, fbi. there's a natural instinct when you hear gunfire to flee or duck. those folks here coordinating, when they hear gunshots, they run towards them and save lives. to watch the unified command here today work together
. anything above 1771.95 is a record. we're up six-plus points at 1774. joining us in our "closing bell exchange" rob morgan, peter anderson from congress asset management, david kelley from jpmorgan fans and steve grasso. david, everyone is talking about janet yellen and her testimony to the banking committee tomorrow as they begin the confirmation hearings for her fed chairmanship. what do you expect her to say? >> well, i expect her to say that she is data-dependent. i think these going to try to avoid getting labeled as a dove or hawk. i think she'll say she's essentially an academic by nature so she's going to look at the numbers and the numbers are going to govern fed policy. but i think there's a fundamental contradiction here. you can't say -- assure people rates will be low forever but then just say you're going to watch the data. in a way i think she'll build herself into a trap by which she'll be forced to gradually tighten as she's fed chair because of her data-dependency. >> so, steve grasso, what kind of a trade are you seeing ahead of what we learn from yellen and that te
apparel is one store that will be open, and many other locations, why? we'll ask the ceo when he joins us after the closing bell and we'll get his take on how the season is shaping up. >> do you know where you will not get a deal right now? that would be on bitcoins. the virtual currency trading above $1,000 now. i mean, it's just nuts what's gone on here. the bitcoin has quadrupled. it started out at $210. >> i was going to say, it's a deal for those that already own bitcoin, even if everyone else is looking at it with a raised eyebrow. >> come on. it's a bubble, right? >> but if you have a finite supply of anything and enough people pile in and you can use it and exchange it for other items, i don't see how you could possibly call it a sell right here. dangerous -- >> i'll call it a sell. i'll call it a sell. >> quick look at indexes as we head into the final hour of trade. the s&p up three point or so. nasdaq up 24,039. looks like we're headed to a fresh 13-year closing high for nasdaq and all-time highs at 1805. >> let's talk about it in our "closing bell exchange," peter anderson fro
back to you. get the updates on this. we know you're efforting bringing us some ceos after the meeting for reactions. we'll be back to you, thanks. >> in the meantime, let's turn to the markets which are still working on record highs. interestingly we have six straight up weeks for the dow and the s&p as the price of oil sees six consecutive down weeks. correlation or not. the dow up 70 points right now at the high of the day. same thing for the nasdaq as it approaches 4,000. something we haven't seen since december of 2000. s&p in record territory, heading toward 1800. let's bring our market experts in to figure out what happened this week. kim forrest, rich peterson, david sieberg, and our own bob pisani. david, you think this is performance chasing. i mean, weaver had -- it's been a stellar year anyway, but now six consecutive weeks with all-time highs. it shows no signs of letting up here. >> right. look, i think performance chasing is one of the aspects we see here. that will definitely continue into year end. there's no doubt about it in my mind. but, look, i think people are jus
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21